Our buying tips

for a smarter shopping experience!


1. placing your order

We are closed on every Thursday (there will be no delivery or collection).

Orders must be placed at least 5 days before the delivery date .

Our minimum order is 1 box (orders below $150 – mini orders). 

All orders MUST BE PLACED ONLINE. Orders via email or phone call are not accepted. If you experience any difficulties during online ordering, please feel free to contact us via email ([email protected]) or request a callback for us to contact you via phone call (available on Monday – Friday only). We will be glad to assist you through your online ordering.

Missed our 5 days notice? Check out our mini order (with just 2 days notice!). Click here to find out more about privileged, regular and mini orders.

2. four simple steps to make your order!

Place your order at least 5 days (inclusive of sat, sun and public holidays) before your delivery date (delivery date not inclusive).

Missed our 5 days notice? Check out our mini order (with just 2 days notice!). Click here to find out more about privileged, regular and mini orders.

1. Start by hovering over  “order” tab, you will see a dropdown of the different tiers of order form :

(regular order) – for order(s) above $150 with at least 5 days notice before delivery date,

(privileged order) – for order(s) above $300 with at least 5 days notice before delivery date OR

(mini order) – for order(s) below $150 OR with less than 5 days notice before delivery date (at least 2 days notice is required)

2. Select your desired theme box and pastry set, enter your quantity and delivery details. You may also provide your personalised text message for your personalised message card in the order form or later on in a separate email to our design team at [email protected]

3. You will receive an order summary email with the payment details within the next few minutes after you have successfully placed your online order. Complete your payment no later than 4 days (for regular & privileged orders), before your delivery/collection date to confirm your order and our design team will proceed with the draft of your message card. Payment for mini orders must be completed on the same day of ordering to confirm your order. Please ensure correct entry of email address and mobile number to avoid delay in processing or non-processing of your order. If you did not receive any email(s) from us after placing your order, they might have gone to your spam folder, make a check and contact us at [email protected] if otherwise.

4. If applicable, send your photo to our design team at [email protected], quoting your 4-digit order number. Furnish your personalised text message for your personalised message card in the email, if you have not done so while making your online order. Photo and text message must be submitted no later than 4 working days before your delivery/collection date, (keeping in mind that you would need to approve your cards no later than 3 working days before your delivery/collection date). Our design team will email you the draft of your message card for approval once they are ready.

TIPS: You may refer to our FAQ, pointer 12 for inspiration of your personalised message.

3. choosing your delivery date

We strongly recommend you and your guests to consume the items in the packages on the delivery day itself. All our pastries and kuehs are freshly made on the early morning of the delivery date. Please ensure that you select the delivery date accordingly to your event date or the date that you wish to distribute the packages.


In the event if you or your guests would need to keep the packages beyond the delivery day, please store them in the fridge as soon as you received the packages.

You might like to know that items like ang ku kuehs / ang yees, glutinous rice and steam cakes will be hardened once they are stored in the fridge, therefore we do not recommend you to store these items. All pastries (swiss rolls, muffins & tarts) can be kept in the fridge for about 2 – 3 days.

4. choosing your delivery time

Our delivery starts as early as 9 am and ends at 5 pm in the evening. You may select any delivery time frame within this period, in 2 hours range (express delivery), 1.5 hours range (supreme delivery) or 1 hour range (super express delivery) for your delivery day. Delivery charges vary with different time slot selected.

It is important to choose your delivery time that best fit into the schedule of your Celebration day. If your guests are expected to arrive around 1 pm, it will be good to select delivery timing from 11 am – 1 pm (Express Delivery). You can be assured that your packages will reach you latest by 1 pm.

If your guests are arriving around 12 noon, we will recommend you to select Super Express Delivery (deliver within 1 hour range), which you can arrange a 11 am – 12 noon delivery. Your packages will reach you by 12 noon and guests who leave early will not miss the packages.

For customers who are holding their Celebrations in Hotels or event venues, we will advise to inform the staff / personnel to receive your packages on your behalf.

Please ensure that someone will be available to receive the packages within the selected delivery time range to avoid a redelivery charge of $25, if our first delivery attempt is not successful. For instance, if you have chosen 11 am – 12 noon, someone must be available between 11 am – 12 noon, as our delivery men will reach anytime within this time range. We seek your kind understanding that no waiting time can be accommodated as this will affect our delivery schedule for the next customers (if you do not already know, we will be responsible for a full delivery refund if we do not deliver the packages in time).

5. self-pickup, delivery & charges

Save $5 (for orders above $155) or $10 (for orders above $310) instantly off your final bill when you arrange a self-pickup during our Off-Peak self-pickup hours (11 am – 1 pm)! 

Self-pickup is available everyday, 9 am – 1 pm, except Thursday. 

There is no collection on Thursdays

Delivery options available everyday, 9 am – 5 pm, except on Thursday (no delivery on Thursdays). 

Self-Pickup Outlet is located at The Promenade @ Pelikat, 183 Jalan Pelikat, #B2-11 (S) 537643 (approx. 10 walks from Kovan MRT).

Please refer to our delivery charges (under “Questions” tab) for more details on charges for specific delivery time slots and selected area surcharge.

Our delivery team will try our best to deliver your packages in the stipulated time, however please factor in 15 mins allowance for unexpected delays (bad weather condition, traffic jam etc), if any.

6. looking for packages with more than 6 pieces of pastries / kuehs?

Good news! Packages for 9-pieces pastry set is now available! Check out our theme boxes with “I’m bigger” tag. They can fit in 8 – 9 pieces perfectly.

All 9-pieces pastry sets are fully customisable with your own pastries combination.

7. need a few boxes of baby full month packages in a different pastry set

For combination of theme boxes or pastry sets, a minimum of 15 boxes per theme box / per pastry set will be required.

If you need a couple of boxes in a different pastry set, a minimum of at least 2 boxes is required. There are 4 selected pastry sets that allow minimum of 2 boxes. You must have a minimum order of 15 boxes in the selected theme box design in order to order (a minimum of 2 boxes) of another pastry set in the same theme box design.

To add on pastry sets with less than 15 boxes, please ” select theme box > scroll down the page to [ add on pastry sets, minimum 2 boxes ] ”

Indication sticker will be affixed on the pastry box to differentiate the different pastry sets in the same theme box.

Only 1 pastry set is allowed with less than 15 boxes in a single order. This apply to all regular and privileged orders.

8. perks and privileges!

Don’t miss out on our promotions that will bring you perks, discounts and special privileges!

Be reminded to place your order at least 5 days in advance of your delivery date to enjoy the promotions! (delivery date not inclusive)

9. submission of photo for your message cards.

Fretting over which photo would fit best for your message card? Send us a couple of photos and let our designers decide which photo would best suit your selected theme card. For orders with more than 1 theme box, you are entitled to use a different photo for each theme.

Please be reminded to send your photos and personalised text message to our design team at [email protected] no later than 4 working days before your delivery date, (keeping in mind that you would need to approve your cards at least 3 working days before your delivery date). Our design team will email you the draft of your message card for approval once they are ready.