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Must try the glutinous rice! Really very yummy. Luckily I have also ordered ala carte, so more guests can try it. Too bad I couldn't get to taste the swiss roll cake as I gave it all to guest. Packaging was SUPER lovely. Everyone said they look very cute! Caught all's attention :) I'd love to order again with Lulu if I have my next child .

Chen Shihan
Original Blue chick, Signature dinosaur, Joyful Whale & Ala Carte

Definitely going to make a second purchase the next birthday!


Thank you for making the entire experience a breeze. The ordering was easy and the draft team was so friendly.They were prompt in response and the cards were perfect. Your delivery person was punctual and very patient. My apologies that he had to wait 10 minutes for me as I was a little late. My guests were delighted at the design and pastries. They especially complimented on the packaging as it was nicely protected that they did not need to worry about the pastries being "destroyed" from being carried around. They also commented that the pastries taste good. A big thank you to your entire team. Zander sends his kisses.

Jia Ling Lee
Flavoursome Dinosaur

Wonderful service, quality packaging and enjoyable food

First Month Photo.jpg

Thank you LuLu and its team for the wonderful service: friendly, prompt and clear on all responses and catering to last minute urgent addition of orders. Delivery was also on time, friendly and well-packed. The boxes and the pastries were very well-received, with special commendation for the bright and cheerful-oh-so-cute-boxes, presentable pastries and many friends awarded THUMBS UP for the ang yees! YUMS!!!

Original & Happy Dinosaur

Excellent value! Would order again


This is the second time I'm ordering ; first time was in 2015, also for baby Full Month Both times ordering was a breeze- user friendly website, very clear instructions and FAQ, clear pricing, good promotions.

This second time, very pleased to see new designs, new food items. Very prompt and clear email responses.

Actual product Food review:

Red egg (My oldest son ate 3! Easy to peel, cute ribbon)

Ang Ku Kueh mung bean: tasty and not too sweet, thin skin

Steam bun : fluffy, pretty colours

Heybi-hiam rice (never had before- delicious)

Cake (very good! Soft, fluffy, coconut flakes, a hint of durian in cream??)

Muffin (average- butter cake with choc chips)

Chocolate tart (crust so-so, chocolate delicious)

Many combos to suit your taste n budget I would order again for next event! May not even be for Full Month party

Chen Yixuan
Delectable Pink Chick, Sensational Blue Chick, Merry Lion, Festively Soldier

Super tasty treats!


The favour boxes were pretty and delivered on-time to my baby's one month celebration; the baked treats were lovely, even on the 2nd day, and most importantly, my guests were very impressed by it all. Thank you for everything, lulu's!

Original Pink Chick

Yummy and cute


Love fast replies from order & design team. Very cute designs and yummy pastries. Our guests love the ang ku kueh and even after reheating, the ang ku kueh still taste great. Thanks!

Sue Fang
Festively Blue Chick

overall impression


Order online was quite accessible. Response time of enquiry/order/payment/design was prompt. Items are fresh and nicely packed. Thank you!

Flavoursome Dinosaur

highly recommend


service was good, i even got sms and email reminders which I really appreciate. box was also nice, in good condition, and delivered promptly.

Original Whale

Wonderful experience


I lost confidence with specialised full month gift boxes companies bcos even those with gd reviews are not nice. But LULU's regained my confidence! From ordering to delivery, everything was systematic and smooth.. the different teams (e.g. Design, accounts, admin) are very efficient and responsive. The design of the boxes are cute and vibrant, so many designs i want to choose.. the food inside are nice especially the swiss roll, glutinuous rice balls and choc tarts. Good job LULU's and thanks!

Sensational Dinosaur

Unique and Delicious and Great value for Money!


Great value for money! Every item was delicious, especially the glutinous rice. I love how there are different options for different people. I got the signature box for more traditional folks and the sensational box for those who loved variety. It was a great hit among my guests and their kids. Love the colourful packaging and personalised baby message card. Even the paper bag was presentable and cute. I was glad I could order halal options. Convenient and fuss free ordering process. The team was responsive in handling my queries via email and flexible in catering to the multiple changes in my orders. I would definitely recommend Lulu's.

Signature, Original, Merry and Sensational giraffe

Excellent Service and Tasty Pastries


Got to know lulu's from a colleagues recommendation! Ordering from lulu was no hassle at all. Box, paper bag, cards and pastries were all very presentable. Pastries that I ordered delicious and all my guests love it!

Rebecca Lim
Merry Elephant

Going the Extra Mile


My daughter's baby shower was only 4~5 days and I was frantically looking for someone to produce the cakes for my guests. Fortunately, LuLu was able to accept my orders at a short notice and made several follow-ups with me to ensure that my orders would not go wrong. Will definitely recommend to my peers and network. Cheers Tommy

Delectable Mermaid



My guests were very impressed with the overall packaging. Excellent! I would definitely recommend to everyone! Thank you so much for making my baby's full month such a great one!!

Joy Au
Blissful Dinosaur and Lion



Hi, I'm happy with the purchased quality of the boxes and the food. The swisss roll and kuey was pleasantly delicious.

Original Whale

Cute box


The delivery is on time and the box design is cute. My family and I love it. The food is nice too. Thank you.

Rui Fang
Original Pink Chick



Punctual on delivery. Fast replies on edits.

Joevin Tan
Joyful Pink Chick

2 days of celebration


From the point of enquiring of the free sample to the final delivery on Day 2 of the full moon party, Lulu's team have been very sincere and prompt in their service delivery. of coz, the pricing and various package selection won me over initially..but nothing beats a good service. keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend anyone to try them out, coz it will be the best choice you will ever made ;)

Original Russian Doll

Flexible arrangements


I am glad that I could order a mix of traditional, halal and vegetarian sets to cater to different people. My queries were also addressed very promptly. These allowed me to place the order without much worries and continue to enjoy my confinement. For the amount of customisation allowed, the price is quite reasonable too.

Kai Ning
Signature, Merry & Vegetarian Ladybird

Whale theme full month party for baby Monkey


The experience was a good one right from the start. Lulu's accommodated our request for the free sample platter when we submitted our request shortly after the deadline. The collection was a breeze so we decided to gift Lulu's cake boxes to our guests. The packaging was bright and cheerful and fitted my theme for the party. The ang yi and cakes were yummy and light enough for old folks and children. Will certainly remember Lulu's if I ever need cakes for events :)

Julian Tay
Joyful Blue Monkey & Lucky Whale

Excellent Service and Top Quality cakes


LULUs team was very accommodating to my special requests. The turn around for the baby message card design was fast. Cute and lovely box design. The Ang gu kuay and cakes are presentable and tasty.

Kent Looi
Customised Pastry set in Blue Chick

Great service


I know of Lulu from my neighbour, whom ordered full month cakes from you all. I was attracted by the nice packaging and design, and the ordering process was hassle free. There are lots of useful information available on website and even FAQ to answer common queries. I made some changes to my order, and the customer service team was fast to act and respond to my queries. Delivery was very prompt too. Keep it up.

Angeline Ang
Delectable Blue Chick & Merry Giraffe

Cute and tasty


I ordered the blue monkey and soldiers boxes with original pastry for the full month party of my triplet boys who were born in the year of monkey. My guests from kids to adults love how in theme the boxes were for the triplets. Placing the order online was a breeze and it was confirmed promptly. Also I get to verify the artwork of the message card and get to personalized the text for my babies. The items came exactly as seen online and of good quality. The ang ku kueh and cakes were very fresh and tasty. The Swiss roll has coconut flakes that make it different and aromatic. I got the upgraded paper bag for the cakes and it looks really neat as a gift for the party. The delivery was also very prompt as committed. I have already recommended to a few friends during the party and to some friends who are having baby full month party soon.

Yock Cheng
Original Blue Monkey & Soldier

Highly recommended!


Ordering from Lulus was a breeze, from ordering the gift boxes, to sending the photo for the photo card, to delivery. It was overall a good experience. The boxes came on time, beautifully packed and very presentble. I didn't get to eat any of the items inside the box but I believe it was freshly made and good to taste.

Tiffany Teo
Favourite Pram



Loved the cute designs of the boxes. Presentation was great, delivery was also prompt. Highly recommended!

Jeslyn Kang
Original Pram

Purchase for baby shower


Very good and nice. The guests are happy with the gift box. It was very traditional too. We love it alot. Thank you for it. Regards

Joycie Xiu Zhi Lim
Joyful Baby

Adorable Packaging and Tasty Food


Had ordered Original flavor and Merry flavor (Halal) for my baby full month gift box. Very satisfied with the packaging design. Most of my friends feel surprised and happy when received the gift box. The food was fresh and taste good. Overall, receiving good comments from the guest.

Chew Siew Theng
Original Pink Monkey, Merry Blue Monkey, Original Giraffe

Great package & great cakes!


Loved the extensive design options and the reasonable prices for the full month boxes. Everyone raved about the gorgeous packaging, and the cakes were fresh and tasted great. The LULU's team was also very prompt in confirming the design and text we wanted for the boxes. We were very satisfied with the boxes and would definitely recommend to our friends and family, and even consider for our baby's next birthday party. Thanks LULU's!

Michelle Yow-Davidson
Original Baby

Great experience


My guests absolutely adore the cute box designs and I love the ease of the ordering process and the fast response rate. The Ang Ku Kueh was very tasty and the blue ribbons on the red eggs, simply beautiful.

Jane chong
Original Blue Monkey, Giraffe & Owl



The cakes are fresh and moist! The Kuehs and traditional glutinous rice balls are so fresh and yummy! Guests were full of compliments and some even asked for more boxes! I couldn't stop eating them! I love the fact that Lulus is flexible... they are able to assist with my special requests!

Signature Baby

Highly recommended


I would highly recommend LULUs: - very good service and support. I initially had difficulty with the ordering online but the sales support took care of this promptly. - Design of the boxes and photocards. The boxes are so unique and there are many designs to choose from. We like how the photocards are fitted into the boxes and not taped / stuck to the boxes. - quality of food. Many guests feedback that the ang ku kueh, glutinous rice and swiss rolls were very authentic and delicious. The Ang ku kueh was not too sweet and the swiss rolls were super yummy! Tasted very homemade and not like those 'commercially made' ones. - very reasonably priced! Overall, we feel that Lulus are a cut above the rest of their competitors and we will be ordering from Lulus for our next event.

Original Pram, Signature Bottle & Party Platters

Great experience!


The website was clear and easy to navigate / order with great information under FAQ and Buying Tips. All responses were prompt with good communication at every step. Would definitely order from you guys again! Thank you!

Yeo Wan Yu
Signature Whale

Very satisfied


The packaging is really cute! Turned out better than expected. Many friends and relatives commented about the cute design and also the card. Egg tart has the homemade taste. Overall very pleased!

Jolly Blue Monkey

Great Packaging & Service


The offering of sample tasting box was great. The customer service from the get-go was very satisfactory and the final packaging with the 4R photo looks amazing. Prompt delivery as well. Thank you lulu's for making our baby's full month celebration a memorable one.

Chia Noi Kheng
Original Baby

Great Packaging and Yummy Treats


I chanced upon Lulus while searching for baby shower gift and was attracted to the lovely packaging, especially the unique 4R size photo card. 2 photos were submitted and they were kind to suggest to include both in the order, and I'm glad that I made the right decision. The food items are fresh and yummy. Thank you Lulus!

Joe Soon
Blissful Pink Monkey

Straightforward and no hassle


The entire ordering, confirmation, payment and delivery was easy, straightforward and there was no hassle at all. This is very important for me as the full month celebration preparation was organised in the midst of taking care of my new born. The boxes of cakes came on time on the day and the boxes came nicely stacked with no damages. The blue monkey boxes were very cute with mini pastries in it. There were many options when i was researching for the full month celebration and I am glad that I made the right choice.

Mrs Ong
Blissful Blue Monkey & Pram

Delectable Pink Monkey


The packaging are very attractive and well make. Received wild reviews about the packaging. Food presention was nicely done. Almost all gives good compliments. Will definitely order again for my daughter 100 days celebration.

Jonathan Wong
Delectable Pink Monkey

Delicious cake


The cakes are delicious, review of the card is super fast. Good customer service.

Happy Blue Monkey

Celebration box


Very satisfy with the item that i order for my baby shower party (original box) came with 2pcs red egg 2pcs ang yee 2pcs swiss roll. Thank you for the earlier delivery and my guest love the design of the picture in the message card too. Quality of food was awesome too! Worth it.. Will strongly recommend to my friend and i will order again on my baby 1st year birthday ^_^ Thank you for completing my baby shower party! Cheers (:

Cathy chin
Original blue monkey

Lovely boxes


Overall the boxes were pretty, so much so that we have kept a few for remembrance. The pastries were delicious that my guests kept asking if I had extras ;) Once again I'm glad that I chanced upon the website and ordered a unique full month package.

Christina Tan
Happy Whale

Swiss rolls are great!


The Swiss rolls were great! I think the size is just right, and the packaging is so adorable!!! I ordered a platter as well, which I thought was a great option for a huge office. I had 2 deliveries on 2 separate days, and both days it arrived well within the time range. All in all I was very satisfied with the service. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Delectable Baby & Ala Carte Platters

Prompt, efficient and excellent service


I chanced upon Lulus when I was searching for my baby's first month celebratory boxes. I wanted an owl theme and was surprised that Lulus had a package with an owl theme. What's more, the cakes in it were customizable. I was impressed by the prompt replies by the service staff in answering my queries over email, and also in designing the box with my baby's photo, and in invoicing. Everything bit of the process was smooth and efficient - which is what every mother wants when organizing a baby shower! I'd highly recommend lulus to parents, especially those who want fresh ideas for celebratory boxes.

Sheena Tan
Blissful Owl

Great Service and Presentable Packaging


Just ordered Theme Box from LuLu's for my newborn's first month! LuLu's has provided great service and is responsive to my queries. The packaging of the cake boxes is also very presentable, nice and exquisite! My friends love the box design especially! Thanks LuLu's!

Amy Chua
Flavoursome Blue Monkey

Will recomend

Pros - The box looks nice and presentable, delivery was prompt. The cakes (Swiss roll) was nice, as well as the egg tart. Friends praised that the choc tart was nice too(choc lovers). Very affordable pricing. Cons - nothing much to pick about. Keep up the good work! Will recommend!

Eric Yue
Delectable Prince

Great service and delicious food!


I ordered the Signature prince for my son's full month celebration. The team at Lulu's is very helpful and responsive, although I have some changes made after I placed the order. In addition, the delivery was made right on time! The food items are fresh and delicious! Alot if my guests love the glutinous rice!! The picture personalised message cards are well made and of good quality! Thanks for all the help, Lulu's!

Wendy Koh
Signature Prince


Guests were impressed by the packaging, the design of the boxes and customized cards. The ang ku kueys were moist and not too sweet and the guests liked it. The boxes were delivered on time and without fuss. Very reliable. Service was efficient, as everything was probably automated. I would definitely introduce my friends to you guys for their full month events.

Original & Favourite Pink Monkey

Great taste, Good service, Awesome packaging

Online purchase was simple and fuss free. Food taste great and the packaging was awesome. Highly recommended :) thanks Lulu's!

Sensational Elephant

Thumbs up!


Placed my order in short notice and they accepted my order. Very efficient in all the process and delivery is on time too! Thank you! They are beautiful!

Chua Qiu hui
Sensational Whale

Happy with purchase


Excellent service. Lovely packaging. Very cute designs. Price is affordable. Picture card is very good quality as well. Overall very pleased with lulus!

Loh Audrey
Merry Pink Monkey

Satisfaction Customer


Good quality service. Sms and email are promptly send and reply. Package reach my location on time. Would definitely make recommendation to other mummies.

Tan Song Bee Evon
Favourite Blue Monkey

Excellent Service and Great Experience purchasing from LULU's


I was a bit last minute when I sent in my order for my boy's baby shower last week. But LULU's excellent customer service and prompt replies from their management and design team made my order a fast, simple and pleasant one. Delivery came on time and the boxes are really pretty! I ordered the one with egg tarts, not the best tarts I've tasted but for the price I'm paying, it's definitely satisfying! Was really proud giving out the boxes to my relatives and friends and would DEFINITELY recommend my friends to make their purchase from LULU'S!

Von Zhuo
Favourite Blue Monkey



Very happy with our order. We had 3 orders on different days and to different addresses of which some of the orders are pretty last minute and I happened to be very disorganized (can't blame mummy doing confinement) but the team at Lulus has managed all our requests seamlessly and professionally. Very impressive! Our guests were very impressed with the design of the cake boxes and the quality of the pastries. Kudos to the awesome team at Lulus!

Cabell Ng
Blissful, Lucky and Signature in Elephant, Ladybird, Dinosaur and Giraffe theme

great packaging and quality of food!


Love the packaging and it looks so presentable for the event. The pastry was great too!

Sensational Baby

Great service!


Thank you Lulu's for making Hayley's baby shower a breeze.. From ordering to payment and delivery, it was great service throughout! And the quality of the food is great!

Merry, Original and Signature Pink Monkey

Very pretty box and really yummy kuehs!


I am very glad to have ordered from Lulu's. The packaging is fabulous as you can see, but it was the quality of the kuehs which I found pleasantly surprising. The ang ku kueh is flavourful and the texture is perfect - one of the best I've had (better than Bengawan Solo's in my opinion), and the hei bi hiam glutinous rice was really good too. Thumbs up to Lulu's for great presentation, good food and great service! :)

Signature Elephant


The entire process from ordering to design and delivery was extremely efficient. The information available on the website cleatly explains how and what has to been done. Great customer service as well. Will definitely recommend to others!

Siew Yong
Original and Merry Pink Monkey



Right from the start everything is smooth sailing. Very prompt follow up with the Email and efficiency is there. smooth process from the photo till the payment stage. Delivery were on time and the food is great. keep up the good job. Thanks for the service.

Original Dinosaur

Order for baby's full month

Very cute design boxes and message cards. Pastries were delicious too. Delivery was prompt. Special thanks to Juliet and Eva for all the communications and assistance!

Favourite Whale and Original Giraffe

Pleasant Surprise


The entire process was seamless. It was really easy to order the sets and make payment, and I liked that Lulu's was speedy in their replies and design amendments. Delivery was punctual and my family was pleasantly surprise with the quality of the theme boxes. We like the modern twist that was given to the traditional celebratory box and will recommend this to friends in the future. The boxes look great at my party! :D

Sensational Baby

Love everything that we have received


My elder ones were very pleased with the ang kk and glutinous rice. It would be best if the traditional set can be halal as there are couples out there who are Chinese and Muslim. :)

Qian hui
Signature Bottle

prompt and good service


It was a great service overall. The prompt response from Lulu's staff are amazing. Thumbs up for you.

Franco leow
Joyful Owl



The delivery arrived at 11am, although we hope it could arrive earlier. We were happy with the product and smooth order procedure. I would recommend Lulu's to my friends due to the price point, compact packaging and great taste. Keep up the good work!

Lin Mingyan
Signature Baby

Wonderful products and service

The customer service staff is very responsive. Answered my emails within the same day. The graphical designer made rounds of changes, until we are happy about the baby picture. The gift box is beautiful, and the taste of all food are excellent. Strongly recommended!

Larry Liu
Original Giraffe

Awesome Lulus


Fantastic service from beginning to the delivery process. The boxes were nicely customized with no complains! Very cute and well received by all the guests! Delivery was on time and I will have no hesitation to recommend Lulus to new parents looking for a reliable and lovely celebration boxes.

Daniel Lim
Joyful Sheep

Baby shower for my girl


A great thanks to your team as you made my celebration a successful one. Your delivery were punctual and you assisted me closely for my customized package. The cakes were nicely displayed and delicious! I will definitely order from you guys again for future celebration. KUDOS

Joyce Ong
Customised Theme Box

Quality of food very good


Delivery was prompt, brownies, Swiss roll were really good! The free photo were excellent and the 4R size is a bonus as compared with other company's. The cakes were gone in a flash and I could only say because it was delicious and fresh!

Hearty Pram

Cute packaging and practical food variety


Ordered as give-away for my boy full month celebration. The packaging was really cute and baby picture printed was big and clear. There was a lot of different combination of food variety and even offered halal ones too. Very thoughtful! Lulu's also gave a romper as Christmas gift for my order. Very nice gesture! Overall very satisfied.

Chermaine wong
Flavoursome Dinosaur

Good Job


overall most of the things are excellent. Glutinous rice is perfect, the 4R photo is big and clear.. well it to the max. highly recommended.

cheah chin yong
Signature & Happy Princess

Beautiful boxes, good service


From answering queries, to ordering and delivery Lulu's service is FANTASTIC ! All my guests loved the cute boxes and all the kids were fascinated over the adorable animals on the cover boxes. Thumbs Up for Lulu's !! i'll definitely order again for my 3rd child!!

Happy Dinosaur, Giraffe, Owl, Sheep & Elephant

Good, good and good


The timing of the delivery was punctual, boxes were all well packed and it looked exactly the same as the online pictures! Thank you, Lulu's!

Gary Seah
Joyful Dinosaur

Very satisfied!


The food and packaging exceeded my expectation! My guests loved the glutinous rice, it was really tasty and flavorful. the design and quality of my baby's photo came out very nicely too. Thanks a lot!

Tan Hsing Ying
Signature Pink Sheep

Food tasted great!

We ordered the Happy Giraffe sets for my son's full month. The process from making the order till delivery was smooth and the service was great. The food tasted wonderful as well- though I would recommend to eat them while fresh since the chocolate tarts may become a wee-bit too hard after refrigeration. Otherwise, great tasting treats. :)

Happy Giraffe

Wonderful experience with Lulus


Lulus cake packaging is very unique and nice! Personally I like the 4R message card that design team has come out with. The size of the photo can let me frame it up in my new house... The pink sheep theme design exactly fit my baby full mth party. Relatives and friends like it a lot! Because it's very cute! Staffs are very friendly and service is very pleasant with Lulus. I ordered another batch of cakes to my colleagues from lulus after getting lot of nice feedback from relatives. :)

Hui Mian
Original Pink Sheep

Excellent- highly recommended


I came across Lulu's from online "research"- I love many aspects of it.

1. Cute designs to choose from

2. Traditional red eggs and red kueh, and two other pastries very appropriate, with additional halal option

3. Competitive pricing

4. Ergonomic packing

5. Option of customizing the food products

6. Excellent service followup: emails, SMS- very thoughtful in confirming pricing, eligible discounts, design confirmation

7. Delivery on actual day very smooth; all received in good condition. Very thoughtful to provide individual carriers! Highly recommended

Happy Pram, Original Owl & Giraffe, Joyful Duck, Dinosaur & Sheep



Service excellence displayed by the Lulu's team - Lulu's team provides fast and polite responses, which makes everything at ease. The packaging was beautifully design and printed and my guests love it. We are impress by Lulu's team and would definitely recommend!

Happy Whale

Pretty Boxes and nice contents!


Thank you Lulu for giving us and our guests a nice and delicious thank you gift! My guests are happy with the box and make it a joyous moment for us! Definitely good quality and value for money!

Happy Sheep & Flavoursome Pink Sheep

Excellent food and service!


Thank you for the excellent service and cute little boxes! There were many compliments from the guests especially the ang ku kuehs many guests say it was good.

Joyful Pink Sheep

Delicious pastries plus awesome packaging box !


It's a very pleasant experience for us to order our 1st month gift box from Lulu's celebratory box. We ordered at very last minute but yet they still accept our order and the customer service had patiently process our request too. Their service was really great ! Our guests also told us that the tastes of kuehs was really delicious too ! Only can say that we are really satisfied customers :)

Dessy Tjio
favourite sheep

Cute design & delicious food

First time try LuLus. It is a great experience. The boxes are cute design and the food are delicious. My guests mention the 4R photo is very nicely done and reviews of the food is great. Thanks LuLus! :)

Original, Happy & Flavoursome Dinosaur

Good deal!!!

Packaging was excellent. The kuays n cakes is nice too! Highly recommended...

Dora Tan
Original Ladybird

lulus review

i really like the packaging for the dinosaur theme. the kuehs and pastries are separated in the box which is hygiene and presentable. liaising with the team was a breeze. there was also notification for delay delivery due to ttaffic conditions. i am a satisfied customer.

Original Dinosaur

Excellent Customer Experience

Lulu's Celebratory Box Team were prompt in their reply and more importantly hassle free. I would like to give thanks to all at Lulu for their efforts and wonderful customer experience. All my guests were impressed by the adorable and lovely packaging! Well done Lulu Team! Thank you!

Skye Lee
Original Giraffe

Cute Gift Box, Tasty cakes and fabulous service

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.08.54 AM

I was attracted to the pink sheep box and I read many good reviews , hence we go ahead ordered. We like the 4R baby card, cakes was tasty and customer service is very good.

Merry Pink Sheep

Excellent service!


A big thank you to the great team at Lulu! Wonderful service and delicious pastry. My guests were very impressed with the presentation and delicious pastry. Once again, thank you for making this a memorable ocassion for my family and our guests!

Yi Shan
Flavoursome Pink Sheep & Pram

Wonderful and heart warming experience!


I ordered the packages late on Thursday night, which cross over to midnight when I completed the order. Lynn, the customer service is so nice that she agreed to let my order being delivered on Wednesday, 1st July. The theme box design, and also the personalized greeting cards received great review from all my recipients, all I heard is that: Wow! So nice and so cute! I also ordered some ala-carte pastries 2 days before my order being delivered, Lynn is so nice again to help to facilitate and consolidate my orders, the service provided with the price is so impressive! All my recipients feedback that the pastries are nice, fresh and taste good too! Would certainly recommend to friends in the future! Keep up the good work. And thousand thank you for making this experience special!

Sensational Whale, Happy Sheep, Flavoursome Giraffe, Ala-Carte Pastries

Cute Gift Box Designs, Tasty Goodies with Great Service


Kids and adults both Love the cute animal designs of the gift boxes. The goodies inside were tasty, especially the Swiss roll. Nice 4R print of baby photo for each guest in the box and great and timely service. Will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Chiang Chee Weng
Original Sheep, Happy Giraffle, Happy Panda, Flavoursome Dinosaur and Flavoursome Elephant

Great baby shower gift box

I came across Lulu's celebratory box through the Internet and I really like the very adorable animal theme box design so I decided to place order with them. The cakes and tarts are really yummy too! Thumbs up for them!! Will recommend to friends and relatives!

Michelle Chan
Flavoursome Sheep

Cute & Fun Packaging with Delicious cakes


Thank you Lulu's Celebratory Box for the prompt reply to our order. Flexibility, allowing us to choose 2 types of thank you card, with/without photo. Received great comments on the cute & fun packaging and of course on the delicious cakes. Definitely value for money!

Jaysen & Clare
Happy Sheep

Love at First Sight!


I was sourcing something special and unique for my 2nd child full month gift cakes. I wanted a gift box that will catch people's attention and present differently from what the other brands are selling. When I came across LULUS, I knew it's that unique box that I want to have for my baby Girl! The packaging till the size of the whole presentation was remarkable! Thumbs ups for LULUS and glad I came across u!

Rebecca Tay
Favourite Baby & Original Pink Sheep

Very nice package and presentation

Delivery on time and the pastry is nice. All my guests told me the cake is nice. I will definitely order from Lulus next time

Original Dinosaur

Fabulous presentation and delicious swissroll


The gift box has a nice design and looks very presentable as gifts. I love the freshness and delicious swiss rolls. Pricing is good and service is great.

Original Whale & Giraffe

Best full month box ever


Win hands down for box packaging and the excellent 4R baby card. Pastries were freshly made and taste great! and it remains good even after 2 days in the fridge! Customer service is top notch! Highly recommended without doubts

Lucky Sheep

Adorable and Tasteful


I loved the entire process of my shopping experience with LULU'S. From their friendly customer service officer to the design team and delivery officer. I am very pleased with their efficiency and they were able to accomodate to my requests with no hesitation. Thank you very much for the colourful card design. The packaging was also impressive. All my friends loved them. Thanks again!

Lucky Sheep

Thumbs up!!


Wonderful service with prompt replies, even outside their operating hours. My friends have commented that the pastries were nice & the personalised photo message is very nice. Cute packaging too!

Flavoursome Whale, Sensational Duck, Delectable Giraffe & Joyful Elephant

reliable service


LuLu had great and cute design which is good for my baby's full month celebration. they had even able to fill a last min slot for additional which I needed because some 10 over guests said they waned come over for the celebration. Customer service handle it well. Good to recommend.

Shawn Yeo
Original Panda, Sheep & Joyful Panda, Sheep

Thumbs Up!


Chanced upon Lulu's while searching for the right gift set! Decided to go with Lulu's as the price was affordable, presentation of the box was great and I absolutely love the personalized photo message card! It is a really special gift for my family and friends :) highly recommended!

Original Prince

excellent presentation


Ordered the ala carte platter for my colleagues and they enjoyed it very much. The soon kueh, swiss rolls n ang ku kueh got raving reviews.

Tracy She
ala carte platter

Awesome gift


Packaging and all was good, and the muffins were awesome according to the guests. Delivery and ordering was also fuss-free. Great gift for baby full month, not the usual gift box but very well-received nonetheless :D Thanks LULU's!!

Valerie Tan
Joyful Bottle

Serendipitous find


I stumbled across Lulu's while I was getting ready to put in an order for another company and was immediately taken by the delightful animal boxes. Was not let down at all... The ordering process was smooth and hassle free, the staff were extremely responsive and helpful and delivery was prompt. The Ang ku kueh and swiss rolls were excellent - much better than those from other companies. I was particularly impressed that they made cards using both photos I had sent ( thought the first may not be high ee's and sent another). I was so pleased I also ordered an a la carte party platter for a later party which they kindly delivered very early on Sunday morning. Once again I had great reviews from guests about the pastries which were packaged very nicely in presentable tray containers that could be used for serving.

Joyful owl, original giraffe. A la carte platter

Lovely Boxes


The quality of the card and the boxes were incredible. Service and response is prompt and very professional. Prices are reasonable. Kate was very kind to advise me to change the photo numerous times due to the angle and fit.

Carol L
Joyful Elephant & Prince

Mummy squealed, Daddy burped!

Nat Whale.jpg

When you receive your Lulu's, slide open and a beautifully printed 4R photo card of your baby is revealed. The openings to get the pastries is somewhat unconventional but they make it no mystery, with a silver seal that says, "open here". Then you'll get the good bite size pastries which daddy loved, especially the ang ku kueh and swiss rolls. Even my friends from Netherlands and their children loved the ang ku kueh. Mummy hopes that they'll survive well as they are a great company providing oh-so-pretty boxes with darn-good pastries at seriously-competitive pricing. Not to forget, they have very reasonable and approachable staff to liaise with (will leave out my long story). Thumbs up, Lulu's!

Esther Eio
Hearty Giraffe & Sensational Whale

Excellent customer service


Thanks for ur charming packaging n really tasty kuehs. Everybody at the party loved e ang kees. We felt that with the good quality pastries and packaging,your price is really value for money. We wished that the halal packaging came with an kees too. We will definitely recommend you to any friends in the future. wish too that you cater for other occasions. Oh yes, thank you for your excellent customer service too...when we made a last minute additional order, your staff responded and followed up promptly to make it possible and your staff is always so prompt in their email correspondence with us. impressive.

Josephine tang
Joyful, Sensational, Delectable & Hearty Pram

Highly recommended!


Fantastic service rendered by the team at Lulu's - they were prompt, friendly and very thoughtful. Lovely packaging, unique variety of designs, quality photos, tasty pastries - we are very pleased and satisfied with Lulu's, and highly recommend them to all!

Lucky Baby, Whale, Sheep, Giraffe and Panda

good service!


I requested for Sunday delivery and my order was gladly accepted! Quick response from the team and I like the sms notification too. Items was received punctually within the time slot too! And of coz, the package looks awesome in good quality and the cakes too! Definitely recommend others to try your service too! Perhaps in future can consider more fanciful cupcakes in the package! :)

Ying Sze
Hearty Baby

great packaging


In love with the packaging...cakes n tarts taste great as well..value for money. Excellent service as well.

Fion Foo
Happy Owl

Love it!


Ordered the delectable elephant boxes for my daughter's baby shower. Asked for a late delivery because it was a dinner event. Email response was good and prompt and the delivery guy was patient to wait cause we arrived few mins late. The cakes were great and the whole packaging is lovely. Thank you!

Eunice Seah
Delectable Elephant

Fast response and timely delivery


responded to email queries promptly and delivered packages within stipulated timings. chocolate tart in flavoursome box is yummy, both guests and ourselves love it!

Joyful Ladybird, Panda & Flavoursome Duck, Sheep, Giraffe, Whale, Elephant

Perfect Gift Boxes


I ordered the gift boxes for my nephew's full month celebration. All of us were so satisfied with the quality and printing of the photo cards. The packaging was fabulous and the cakes were good. As it was a safari theme party, I was delighted to able to find full month packages that matched well with the theme, as companies/bakeries usually offered either pink or blue gift boxes. The cakes were halal too, which allows us to cater for our muslim friends as well. Looking at the cards, we regretted for not choosing Lulus for my first nephew's full month and went for the usual baby full month package, i.e. blue gift box with namecard-sized photo card. Lulus is really affordable, charging $6 nett per box, with such high quality photo cards and free delivery. They are closed on Sunday but my party was held on Sunday. They went the extra mile to make the special delivery and was punctual. Thank you :D

Felicia Chong
Lucky Owl, Hearty Elephant, Happy Giraffe

Great & Responsive Customer Care & Service


I placed my order on Friday 11am for 98 boxes to deliver by Monday to 3 different locations and the team worked together to help make it happen! The photo cards were delightful, the pastries yummy. Thank you for the great experience and service! Will definitely order again and recommend to friends!

Original Elephant and Happy Giraffe

A very Happy Celebration!


I have chanced upon Lulu's while searching for baby full packages for my son a few months before he is born. Their uniqueness and novelty theme boxes caught my attention and I love it immediately! Our parents are more traditional folks and not really willing to try out new brands and prefer us to stick to the more well known brands when getting our baby full month boxes. We would like to give out bigger boxes as well. After enquiring for bigger boxes, the friendly staff recommended me to give out 1 box of Traditional and 1 box of Contemporary pastries for every guest, which will make it 12 pieces. We thought it was a great idea and manage to convince our parents to order from Lulu's. We were so glad that we ordered their packages! They were very well-received by our friends and relatives. Many of them commented that the boxes are very special and cute. Great pastries too. Our parents were very impressed with the 4R baby card printed in very good quality. The boxes are very presentable yet handy, unlike the usual packages which I find them too bulky. Our friends and relatives have a fun time choosing 2 different types of theme boxes to bring home. We have a very happy celebration, thanks Lulu's!

Wendy Chong
Original Elephant, Duck, Giraffe, Sheep, Whale & Lucky Prince, Baby

Awesome Celebration


Had a great time purchasing from Lulu's, made a few changes on the quantity and design of the card. Was expecting Lulu's to deliver before 11am but delivery came slightly after 11am. Other than that it was great! Lulu's make extra mile to do delivery on Sunday after being aware that my baby shower falls on a Sunday and they happen to be available too.

Divine Owl

Review of Service


I'm happy and satisfied with the product especially the photocard that looks really different. The entire packaging makes the gift looks really presentable and it is value for money. My colleague even commented that the print and photocard looks great.Food also taste good.

Goh Kim Hong
Signature Owl

Thumbs up


I had a great experience with lulus! Service was prompt, reply to enquiry was fast & the packages were simply adorable! Had comments that the packages were cute & I like the fact that they can be personalized! Great experience overall & I will recommend to friends! Keep it up!

Original panda

Nice design!


This is the first time order from Lulu's. The box and the card design is very nice. The swiss roll is very good. Not too sweet.

Eileen Teo
Original Elephant & Original Duck

A Passionate Local Business


Our daughter was only released from the hospital from jaundice just 2 days before her full month. We didn't expect Lulu's to take our order when we know the rest didnt even bother to talk to us after hearing the urgency. We were delighted to find out that not only were they willing to take our orders, they didn't rush us but rather guided us patiently to send in the photos and placing our orders correctly. Lulu's team picked up our multiple phonecalls ( no speaking to operator and pressing 1 then 2 then * ), answered our emails and still in under 2 days, managed to send us beautiful boxes of celebratory boxes. I am not going to thank them just for the boxes of yummy goodies but I am going to thank them for the patient and heartfelt service. Because of this amazing local business, we decided that our next celebration which is just this weekend, we would order another round from them. Delivery was right on the dot, no delays. This is a business of no "But" ,just great service. When we called up the first time, we were heartbroken parents but you guys saved the day. Thank you!

Happy Ladybird , Signature Giraffe , Happy Baby , Happy Pram

Baby First Month


Great service that allows multiple changes in quantity- very suitable for indecisive customers like me. The box and baby photo cards are adorable and presentable. Many guests praised the presentation and the tasty cakes

Lim Zhiying
Original Panda

Everyone loves the cute boxes and beautiful photo card


Absolutely love the 4R photocard. And the very cute designs on the boxes. Delivery was punctual. Definitely good value.

Flavoursome Giraffe, Sensational Panda

Great services


I like their prompt services. Despite a few amendment made, orders process still went very smoothly. Their boxes and message card are cute. Sadly at the point of my order, elephant theme was out of stock. Their prices are resonable with 4R glossy message card. Overall i had a good experience purchase from Lulus. Thumbs up for all aspects.

Crystal Ang
Sensational Sheep & Happy Duck

All compliment


Hi, kudos to all of you in Lulu.. With the attractive boxes n pastries n the 4r pics that compile into one , all my relatives n friends find it cute n special on the first glance. The pastries were tasty too.. esp the swiss roll. Im grateful that i have choosen you for the full month celebration. Will definitely recommend it to my friends..

Lucky Giraffe & Ladybird

Great service

Eleanor Khoo (22 Oct 2014) Preview - 04

I must commend the team at Lulu's for their impeccable, flexible and friendly service. My order consisted for a variety of packages to be delivered to various locations and different times, and I had to make several amendments to the order along the way. Each time, the team at Lulu's was 100% flexible and very responsive. Everyone also loved the cute packaging and yummy cakes!

Stephanie Shi
Owl and Ladybird

Love Lulu's..


I am very impressed with Lulu's. Firstly, my party was on a Sunday, and I placed my order without realising that there is no delivery on Sundays. Luckily, Lulu's had a special event and was able to accomodate my order. The order process was seamless and follow up was prompt and professional. Delivery was punctual, everything was done nicely. The baby card that came with the box was nicely printed. I will definitely recommend Lulu's for baby's full month! Thank you Lulu's.

Joanne Toh
Lucky Giraffe, Lucky Duck

Good things come in small packages!


Delivery was prompt. Packaging delightful which both kids and adults loved. The pastries were delectable and we were very happy with the overall product. Will definitely recommend Lulu's to friends and family for special occasions!

Sensational Owl & Flavorsome Ladybird

Review of Lulu

Great price, presentable and punctual. They are awesome!

Jessie Chia
Original Whale

Great Service


It was my first time ordering from Lulu's and I was happy with their service. Their replies were prompt. Their celebratory box were affordable and the themes were suitable for 1st month occasion too. My colleagues who received it complimented that it was very unique. I requested for a specific timing and they were able to deliver what they promised. It was also nice of them to give us a set of message card as a souvenir to mark the 1st month of our boy. Will definitely recommended to my friends.

Happy Whale & Happy Giraffe

highly recommended


Lovely packaging. Photocards were nicely designed - have thoughtfully prepared a set for parents to keep

Original Giraffe, Original Owl & Original Sheep

Great service!


I am grateful that Lulu's was able to accept my urgent order. Thumbs up to their patient, thoughtful & efficient team. They even included an extra photo card of each design for my keepsake. My friends commented that the packaging and the cakes were very nice. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Happy Elephant & Happy Owl

Thank you Lulu!

2014-10-08 18.07.42

Fantastic experience we had with lulu! The cute packaging attracted my attention as its something different in the market. Without much hesitation, we made our order for our first baby full month party. Despite me changing my orders and photos of my baby, the team replied me promptly and were very patient and polite. My guests also love the idea that the baby photo comes in 4R size and vibrant colors. The pastries tasted delicious too. Thank you lulu!

Original Duck, Happy Owl & Happy Giraffe

Good Service

Love the presentation and attention to details. The service is personal. LULU's also enclosed a set of photo cards with the invoice as a memento.

Owl & Ladybird

Excellent Service


Packages were attractive and affordable. The cakes were also delicious. Service response was very fast - for the photo message, got the drafts the next day. Very satisfied and glad that we managed to find LULU'S for our baby's full month cakes!

Happy Whale & Original Duck

My review


Thumbs up to Lulu and the team, nice card design, nice food, well done. Will definitely recommend to other friends.

Original Whale & Divine Elephant

very happy with the service!!


I'm very happy with the service and their food taste good too!! Will recommend to my friends and relatives!

Yan Ping
Joyful Owl

good and efficient service

I book this first month baby shower cake quite urgently. I book it on friday but my delivery will be on monday. I call the staff up and she is willingly to help me but couldn't get a discount 'cause she said the price is the best she can give me. The price was quite reasonable so I was ok with it. I requested to print my baby photo and they said ok for a last minute order. I send them the photo of my baby quite late and luckily they manage to get it done. Everything went smoothly on Monday, delivery was early. Would like to recommend people to buy their first month cake 'cause of the efficiency and they were kind enough to give a copy of the message card with photo of my son to us too. Thumbs up to all of u and would recommend my friends to get the cakes from u :0) Love the boxes as well :0)

Michelle Quek
Joyful Ladybird

Nice packaging with photo message card


The gift boxes were cute and nice. Also, I like the idea of a 4R size photo message card and many relatives said the photo message card is nice. The swiss roll is very nice. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the gift boxes.

Valerine Chen
Joyful Elephant & Signature Whale

Tasty Rolls & Good Service!


Love the packaging so much and the swiss rolls are simply tasty! Thanks for having such cute and vibrant theme as packaging for baby shower. Prompt delivery and helpful assistance rendered. Will definitely order again from LULU'S.

Value Whale & Joyful Elephant

Love it!


The packaging is beautifully done. All my guests love it too. And really value for money too. I love the Swiss roll. The ribbon round the egg made it just so cute.

Traditional Elephant with special request

Very satisfied


Prompt and fast correspondence. On time delivery.. presentable boxes. Tasty cakes. Value for money. Definitely will order again.

Wendy Teo
Happy Elephant

Presentable, Affordable and Delicious!


I ordered the full month boxes for my son. I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the packages. I love the design on the box, it's really cute and the personalized photo card were superb! On top of that, many of my guests commented that the Swiss rolls were delicious. I would also like to praise the service given by LuLu's, they followed up on my orders and were very prompt. I was always updated on the status of my order. They were also very patient with order changes and questions. They also included a complimentary baby photo card for us. Excellent Customer Service! Thumbs up!

Fusion Elephant

I love the Owl Box!


Very happy that Lulu's offer Owl theme box as it is my favourite animal! The cute boxes really complemented the Baby Full Month Party of my daughter. I have chosen Lucky set as it is the most popular and it turn out really good! My guests enjoyed the pastries very much! Thank you Lulu's for the great packages and keep up the good work :)

Rebecca Tan
Lucky Owl

Great baby full month package with amazing designs and tasty pastries!


We loved lulu's cute packaging boxes, especially my kids. And my parents and relatives said the swiss rolls are delicious. Some of my friends even had a hard time choosing which design to take home, as I've order 4 different box designs and they all look very attractive!

Max Ng
Lucky Ladybird, Happy Whale, Traditional Owl & Joyful Elephant

Love the design!


Finally found something different from the usual 满月box.. I love the design of the box especially! Handy! Attractive! Can choose themes! I could tell many of my relatives and friends were happy to receive it! A friend who is a MediaCorp Artiste even posted it on Instagram! And most importantly good service!!! Thanks for making our celebration a memorable one!

Vincent Lim
Lucky Elephant, Lucky Owl, Lucky Ladybird & Lucky Whale

New Kid on the Block

SIM_9985 copy.jpg

I was searching for a presentable full month gift for our guests and was happy to have chanced upon Lulu's. Each of my Lulu's celebratory box contains 2 Red Eggs, 2 Pointed Ang Ku Kuehs (for baby boys) and 2 yummy Swiss Rolls. All packages come with a personalised baby photo message card in a generous 4R size with glossy photo quality printing. When the boxes were delivered, I was wowed by its quality. It's very presentable, modern and yet traditional at the same time - just what we wanted. The items inside Lulu's celebratory boxes are halal, making it an ideal gift for colleagues, neighbours and friends. Thank you Lulu's for giving our celebration a touch of class.

Traditional Elephant

Highly recommended! Yummy pastries in cute boxes!


My guests and I love the pastries! The swiss rolls are not too sweet and the muffins are buttery and soft! Custard puffs with generous smooth fillings. The pastries are well-packed, we all have a pleasant surprise when pulling out the sleeve of the packaging and we see the Baby Card in 4R glossy paper. Will be ordering again from LULU's for my nephew who will be born in October!

Christine Ang
Lucky Owl

Excellent package and reasonable price

image 2

Thank you LULU's for the great gift box and excellent service. I will strongly recommend LULU's.

Kelvin Chua
Happy Whale



I was amazed with the quality of the item at such affordable price! The picture of the baby is printed on high end glossy paper! The box is cute and modernized! They are even very thoughtful to put small plastic bag inside for guest to bring the gift box home..

Mrs See
Hearty Owl, Fusion Elephant & Traditional Ladybird

Best that I had so far


Very timely and professional delivery. Good food especially the tarts. I love it! Will definitely order from lulus again next time...

Ng Wei Ming
Happy Ladybird & Joyful Elephant

Loved the packaging and cakes!


Hi Team,  just want to give you all words of thanks and compliments. A lot of my friends and colleagues loved the packaging and cakes. I will definitely order again and recommend you all. Thanks!

Wilfred Ong
Traditional Whale

Great pastries and value!


Great pastries and value! Excellent customer services! Very modern and cute designs, very refreshing. Would definitely recommend LULU'S to all my friends!

Serene Chew
Fusion Owl & Lucky Ladybird